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Belle's Love Story

Belle is the sweetest, and most dainty beautiful Lynx Point Siamese who was found as a stray. She’s been a wonderful, caring and attentive mom to her four kittens (Ariel, Eric, Snow White and Prince Charming). She is affectionate, talkative, social, and very comfortable being handled. She is quite food motivated and loves her Churus just as much as her crunchy treats and she’s always up for some wet food too.  We are so glad Belle found her forever family to call her very own, a family to love and spoil her like she has pampered her kittens. She loves her cat scratcher and enjoys a good cuddle on the couch with her people. Belle is still young and has lots of energy and love to give her forever family, and they are committed to giving it right back. Congratulations Belle!

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