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Starbuck's Love Story

Little Starbuck is so cute we can barely even handle it, she came to us as a stray. She is curious and squeaky and sticks to her favorite things like Velcro (people, toys, siblings etc.) She likes companionship and having a friend around (whether human or animal). She has the most adorable meow and she likes to talk and tell you all about what she thinks about things. She is playful and likes to chase toys and hop around like a bunny. She is very comfortable being handled, carried and snuggled. She has already made best friends with the little boy in her family who has special needs. Starbuck is so spoiled, her forever family gives her specialty food which she loves, all the toys and tunnels she could want, and even has a kitty cat hammock in the sun in the window. Here’s to your happy life little Starbuck! 

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