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Marshmallow's Love Story

Cute little Marshmallow was a stray before coming to the rescue. Marshmallow might seem a little bashful at first, but once she gets comfortable around her people, she shows her silly and mischievous side. She will play with toys or even chase her own tail when she’s feeling playful. When it’s time to relax, Marshmallow will snuggle right up to her favorite humans and sometimes fall asleep right in their laps, with her paws tucked neatly underneath her. Just like her namesake , she is a sweet and squishy treat to have around. Her forever family took one look at her and fell in love. Her new family is big and bursting with all kinds of love from three kids, two cat friends and even one dog! This little kitten is one pampered princess. Her forever family even stated, “I’m not a veterinarian, but I think she should be certified adorable!”

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