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Ronald's Love Story

Ronald is a magical ginger cat who was found as a stray. His friends affectionately call him Weasley. He is a young and dashing kitten with a heart filled with sweetness and love. At first glance, you may notice his slightly bashful nature. He is a bit cautious when meeting new faces, but once you’ve earned his trust, his heart opens wide like the doors to the Great Hall. When his people hold him close, he gently burrows into their arms and purrs softly. Ronald likes to be pet and brushed. If you give him a chance to warm up and some toys to play with, he will reveal his crazy, playful kitten side just like magic. You’ll witness his true essence as he showcases his mischievous side, reminding you that he is a true Weasley after all. Ronald’s forever family is quite big (which is fitting) and that means lots of people to give lots of pets! Ronald cast a spell of happiness and joy over his new family. The family’s six year old boy found a magical companion in Ronald and together they created a bond that will be cherished for all time.

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