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Olive's Love Story

Olive came to the rescue as a stray. From the moment Olive arrived in their human's life, they brought an air of adventure and excitement to every corner of their home. Whether it's chasing after a feathered toy, pouncing on a ball of yarn, or exploring the tallest bookshelves, Rusty has an insatiable appetite for play and adventure. Olive's inquisitive nature leads them to investigate every nook and cranny, ensuring that no secrets are left unexplored in their domain. But it's not all about adventure for Olive; they also have a heart full of affection to share. After a day of playful antics and daring escapades, this beauty will curl up in your lap or by your side, purring contentedly. Congratulations to Olive on finding a family wanting to give her the world and all the snuggles she could ask for.

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