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Leo and Lunar's Love Story

These two babies were rescued from a very hot area in the desert in the middle of summer. They were panting (which is not normal for a cat) when we got them in the car and were severely dehydrated. After a little TLC and care from their foster, they turned into the most loving pair. When you see this adorable pair of cats together, you can’t help but think that they will share the attachment they share with each other with their parent. They exude great gratitude and friendliness, both to each other and to everyone they meet. They are like yin and yang and always balance each other out when needed as while Lunar is relaxed and down-to-earth, Leo is loyal and adventurous. To top it off, they are little explorers and are easily entertained, especially with anything that you can crinkle. They complement each other exceptionally well and we are so glad they got to stay together in their forever home with parents who love them so much.

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